Added Services

Kettle Bell

Using a weighted ball with a single handle, this one-on-one class will improve your strength, balance and over-all movement as your stabilizer muscles are activated. Lose yourself in this challenging workout that will make you crave for more.
Php 680

Assisted Stretching

For thirty minutes, a trainer will help you elongate or relieve tired muscles following a standard program. Targeting general muscle groups, assisted stretching is a perfect pre-workout or post-workout activity, helping to reduce injuries and making your workout more effective.
Php 180

Personal Training

For an hour and a half, your trainer will lead you to completing a full workout based on an individualized program. Benefits of this service include a more focused approach so that your form is closely monitored and injury is better prevented. You will also learn the function of each workout as your trainer will help you achieve specific fitness goals, with factors like your health, habits and body type taken into consideration. After your workout, an assisted stretching session will be given for free, where your trainer will help further your stretch, relieving sore muscles to complete an effective workout.
Php 680

Locker Rental

For a minimum of one month, lockers inside the female and male locker rooms may be rented out.
Php 250.00

Shower Room

After trying a group class, you may choose to use the showers in the locker rooms for a minimum fee.
Php 110.00

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